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Starring: Sosie Bacon,Jessie T. Usher,Kyle Gallner,Rob Morgan,Kal Penn,Judy Reyes
Director: Parker Finn
Movie Studio: Temple Hill Entertainment
Genre: Horror
Run Time: 115 Minutes
Release Date: 9/30/2022
Synopsis: After witnessing a bizarre, traumatic incident involving a patient, Dr. Rose Cotter starts experiencing frightening occurrences that she can't explain. As an overwhelming terror begins taking over her life, Rose must confront her troubling past in order to survive and escape her horrifying new reality.
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Showtimes for Smile
Grand Cinemas - Yakima Valley
3400 Picard Pl.
Sunnyside, WA 98944
More Showtimes
Wed, Oct 05 :  4:30 P 6:50 P 7:40 P
Thu, Oct 06 :  4:00 P 4:30 P 7:40 P
Fri, Oct 07 :  4:00 P 5:20 P 6:50 P 8:20 P 9:40 P
Sat, Oct 08 :  12:05 P 12:35 P 3:05 P 3:35 P 6:05 P 6:35 P 9:05 P 9:35 P

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